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Controversial "Bonding with Benedict" 3-CD set (normally $19.95) now available for FREE!

Controversial "Bonding with Benedict" 3-CD set (normally $19.95) now available for FREE!

UPDATE (June 26): Our latest CD offering (described in the letter below, originally posted on June 15) has ignited a firestorm of controversy, for which I've been taking an excessive amount of heat.


No doubt the conflagration currently raging through the ranks of the SSPX about their supposedly imminent surrender to Rome -- together with my comments (in the letter below) on the lose-lose nature of that "crisis" -- has thrown some extra fuel on the flames.


Not to prolong this pyromanic metaphor, but the burning question I'm being asked by customers is whether they can purchase at reduced prices additional copies to give to family and friends -- especially loved ones who attend SSPX and other such bonding-with-Benedict Masses.


I've decided, for a limited time only, to go one better by giving you -- whether or not you've already purchased a copy -- not one, not two, but three ways you can now obtain a FREE copy of this fast-selling 3-CD set, which normally costs $19.95:


Simply purchase, from our online store (, EITHER one copy of Fr. Goffine's magnificent 800-page hardbound masterpiece The Church's Year ($37.95), OR three copies of Fr. Fahey's crucial "political" primer The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism ($10.95 each, totaling $32.85 for the three), OR any books or recordings you like amounting to a total order of $50 or more, and receive our 3-CD set on "Bonding with Benedict," not for $19.95, not for the requested discount price, but absolutely FREE.


This offer is only good until July 4, so act today! 




Bonding with Benedict: The Catastrophic Consequences of Attending A Mass Offered Una Cum ("in ecclesial union with") Benedict XVI


Dear Friends:


Once again I have the pleasure of announcing that we have recently added another new offering to our online store. I wish I had, amidst my many projects and trips, even more time to make new recordings and add them to our store, but I’m so incredibly busy that I had to upload this recent entry using my MacBook while sitting in LAX -- Los Angeles International Airport -- during a six-hour layover en route home from my most recent two-week (May 22 - June 4) lecture/debate tour.


This latest recording is a 3-CD set entitled "Bonding with Benedict: The Catastrophic Consequences of Attending A Mass Offered Una Cum ('in ecclesial union with') Benedict XVI."


This in-depth, four-hour interview, recorded shortly before I left on that two-week trip, examines the Church's authoritative teaching that someone attending a Mass inescapably professes ecclesial union with the man mentioned as pope in the opening prayer (the Te Igitur) of the Canon of the Mass (if the Mass so names someone). Everyone attending such a Mass identifies himself or herself as being a member of the church of which that man is the visible head on earth.


But what if Joseph Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI, is an unrepentant modernist (albeit a relatively and cleverly "conservative" one), and therefore a heretic, and therefore an invalidly elected pope, i.e., an antipope?


And what if the Vatican II church is in fact nothing but a coup-d'etat-produced counterfeit of the true Catholic Church? (Listen to our best-selling product, the 6-CD set entitled "Consistent vs. Counterfeit Catholicism: Why Vatican II, the New Mass, and Benedict XVI Are Not What They Claim to Be," available from our online store, for evidence supporting these assertions.) 


In that case, everyone attending a Mass which names Benedict XVI as pope in the Canon thereby OBJECTIVELY places himself or herself in that counterfeit church, and thus outside the true Church (since one cannot in reality have "dual membership" simultaneously both in the true and in a false church). And it is an immutable dogma of the Faith that outside the true Church there is no salvation.


This act of spiritual suicide is committed not only by those attending the Vatican II-mandated "New Mass," but also by those "traditionalists" who attend "Tridentine" Masses which name Benedict in the Canon, including the Masses said by the SSPX and all other non-sedevacantist "traditionalist" clergy.


My detailed discussion of this all-important issue takes as its point of departure my comprehensive commentary on "Father" Anthony Cekada's 19-page article entitled "The Grain of Incense: Sedevacantists and Una Cum Masses." I comment extensively upon this article, not only because it definitively demolishes both the SSPX position as well as the "John Lane" position that sedevacantists may attend such non-sedevacantist Masses without harm, but also because at several points in his article “Fr.” Cekada unintentionally undermines the legitimacy, not only of his own ordination to the priesthood (which he obtained under the auspices of the hopelessly-problematic SSPX), but even of his subsequent sedevacantist priestly "apostolate." In my recording I discuss these passages and explain why they undo the underpinnings of such traditionalist clerical activities.


This has serious ramifications, of course, not just for the ever-entertaining "Father" Cekada, but for virtually all traditionalist clergy, non-sedevacantist and sedevacantist alike, irregularly ordained in the aftermath of the Vatican II revolution: not only the clergy of such illicit organizations as the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, OSJ, etc, but also the endlessly-proliferating "independent" priests and bishops -- such as Messrs. Ahern, Bitzer, Bolduc, Buckley, Champagne, Collins, Fulham, Giles, Krier, Lemay, Lovett, Macek, McCormick, McKenna, McMahon, Miller, Morrison, Neville, Petko, Ringrose, Roberts, Sanborn, Sansone, Slupski, Vaillancourt, Vezelis, Webster, Zapp, et al. -- as well as such equally unauthorized "independent religious" as the Dimond brothers of "Most Holy Family Monastery."


I am not of course judging the subjective consciences of any of the above gentlemen, or denying any evident learning, intelligence, piety and/or zeal any of them may display. But their various claims to an authentic clerical or religious status are, objectively speaking, fraudulent, in my opinion -- and I challenge any and all of them (independents as well as the clergy of the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI) to demonstrate otherwise in a courteous public debate. 


(I am under no illusions, by the way, that the above list is by any means comprehensive, as the US alone -- not to speak of the larger world -- teems with hundreds and hundreds of such illegitimate "priests" and "bishops," but if any particular clerics are personally offended that I have unintentionally omitted them from this list of well-known irregular traditionalist clergy in the US, I ask their pardon, and cordially extend to them as well the same invitation to attempt to defend in a public debate the legitimacy of their clerical status.)


Doubly dubious are those sedevacantists (such as the CMRI) who consider both themselves and non-sedevacantist traditionalist priests (like the SSPX) to all equally be clergy in the same church -- an oddity of "thought" that defies all logical anaylsis. (See, e.g., "Bishop" Pivarunas's sermon on the occasion of his conferring episcopal orders upon Daniel Dolan, easily found on YouTube.)


Oh, just one more thing (as Lt. Columbo might say). A moment's careful reflection upon this often-overlooked fact (the nature and effect of this una cum clause in the canon of the Mass) reveals the current brouhaha about whether or not the SSPX makes a deal with Rome to be a complete non-issue, a diversionary sideshow, a smoke-and-mirrors distraction from the inescapable fact that, regardless of which side someone comes down on in that "controversy," he's already lost: both the SSPXers who want recognition by Rome (i.e., the Fellay contingent) and those who don't (those prefering the attitude of the other three "bishops") are all in the same leaky lifeboat, for they all equally profess to acknowledge Benedict XVI as the head of the Catholic Church, which he is emphatically not. It's not often in life you're offered a lose-lose proposition, but if that's what happens to tickle your spiritual fancy, then have I got a Society headquartered in Switzerland for you!


My four-hour discussion, contained on three 80-minute CDs in a sturdy vinyl "DVD case," is available to you for only $19.95 plus shipping & handling, and can be purchased today from our fully-secure online store, located right on this website, using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal.


(If you haven’t already done so, please go to and sign up for a PayPal account today. It’s fast, free, and easy, and those of my customers who choose to pay this way save me lots of time -- time I could put to better use producing more recordings, writing more essays, and updating my website more frequently! Of course you can then use your PayPal account, which makes it unnecessary to divulge your credit card information to online vendors, with countless other webstores besides mine.)


If any of you still prefer not to purchase things online, you can call me at (570) 969-1724 and leave on my personal voicemail your credit card information: card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code on the back of the card, name exactly as it appears on the card, and billing address for the card (and shipping address, if different from the billing address).


Or you can mail a $23.95 check or money order ($19.95 for the 3-CD album plus $4 for speedy First Class shipping), payable to "Biblical Foundations International," to BFI, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.


People who call themselves "traditional Catholics" need to STOP doing things that are logically inconsistent -- indeed incompatible -- with that claim, such as putting themselves in ecclesial union with arch-heretic Joseph Ratzinger, and thus polluting the purity of their profession of the Catholic Faith, with dire results.


Only then will our infinitely holy God abundantly pour out upon us the Holy Ghost and many, many graces during this age of apostasy and compromising "Catholicism."


Yours in Christ our Risen King and Mary our majestic Queen Mother,

Gerry Matatics


PS. Don't forget the other CDs we've produced and added to our online store in the past several weeks, about which I’ve written recently on this website and all of which are described in greater detail on our online store:


"What Do Recusant Catholics Do On Sunday?" ($9.95)


"Communion with Heretics or Communion with Hermengild: Some Facts for the 'Sacraments-At-Any-Cost' Crowd to Consider" ($9.95)


"St. Joan of Arc: Servant of Christ the King & Saint for Our Troubled Times" ($9.95).


Every purchase you make -- of these or other recordings, reference works, and other books we offer -- helps provide us with the funds necessary to produce new recordings, embark on new lecture and debate tours, and launch other urgent projects. Thank you and may Almighty God richly reward you!

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