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Friends in High Places: Biblical Teaching on the Intercession of the Saints on Our Behalf, and the Legitimacy of Our Devotion to Them

Price : $11.95


Fate of the Family: Satan's Seven-Step Strategy for Subverting Civilization's Basic Building Block

Price : $11.95


Every King Has A Queen Mother: The Biblical Foundations of Catholic Teaching about Mary (2 CDs)

Price : $17.95


Counterfeit Catholicism vs. Consistent Catholicism: Why Vatican II, the "New Mass," and Benedict XVI Are Not What They Claim to Be (Second edition -- updated & expanded in 2008)

Price : $43.95


Communion with Heretics or Communion with Hermengild? Some Facts for the "Sacraments-At-Any-Cost" Crowd to Consider (single CD)

Price : $11.95

Saint Hermengild was martyred & canonized because he understood that a Catholic cannot be in communion with a heretic, even for the sake of receiving an important sacrament. Gerry discusses Hermengild's life and death in detail because the principle he died for is so little honored in our days -- even among "traditional Catholics," who often compromise their Faith with the justifying plea, "But we must have sacraments!" But if (as the CD proves, citing the teaching of the magisterium) communion with a heretic automatically excommunicates you from the Church outside of which there is no salvation, then all the ill-gotten sacraments in the world avail you NOTHING. Hard hitting but crucial!

Clarity Begins at Home: The Biblical Basis for Homeschooling Your Children

Price : $11.95


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Beauty Girls : Racing Model Han Gaeun