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Bonding with Benedict: The Catastrophic Consequences of Attending A Mass Offered "Una Cum" (in ecclesial union with) Benedict XVI -- and now Francis (3-CD set)

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This explosive, in-depth, four-hour interview examines the Church's authoritative teaching regarding the impossibility of escaping ecclesial union with the man mentioned in the opening prayer (the Te Igitur) of the Canon of the Mass as being the head of the Church; everyone attending such a Mass identifies himself or herself as being a member of the church of which that man is the head. But if Jorge Bergoglio, aka "Pope" Francis, is an unrepentant modernist (albeit a relatively charming one) and therefore a heretic and therefore an antipope, and if the Vatican II church is in fact but a counterfeit of the true Catholic Church, then everyone attending a Mass naming Francis as pope in the Canon thereby OBJECTIVELY places himself in that counterfeit church and thus outside the true Church (since one cannot have "dual membership" simultaneously in both the true and the false church), and it is a dogma of the Faith that outside the true Church there is no salvation. This applies not only to those attending the Vatican II-mandated "New Mass" but also those "traditionalists" who attend "Tridentine" Masses naming Francis as pope, including the SSPX and all other non-sedevacantist "traditionalist" clergy. Gerry's discussion comments, point by point, on "Father" Anthony Cekada's 19-page article "The Grain of Incense," not only because of the positive aspects of that article (definitely demolishing as it does not only the SSPX position but also the "John Lane" position that sedevacantists may attend such Masses without harm), but because at several points Cekada unintentionally undermines the legitimacy of his own priesthood (which he obtained under the auspices of the SSPX) as well as of his subsequent sedevacantist priestly "apostolate." This has inescapable ramifications for all sedevacantist "clergy" ordained post-Vatican II. A must listen!

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