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How to Give Gerry's MegaTour a 50/50 chance

How to Give Gerry's MegaTour a 50/50 chance

My 300-city Mega Tour has gone well so far, thanks be to God. I've been able, by God's grace, to speak in over 50 cities to date. (The complete list can be found elsewhere on my website.)

At each venue I speak on "Counterfeit Catholicism: Why Vatican II, the New Mass, and Benedict XVI Are Not What They Claim to Be," a talk I am continually updating, refining, and adding new elements to. In it I try to provide everything necessary to understand the magnitude of the current crisis (the worst in the 2,000-year history of the Church):

• what Sacred Scripture, Our Lady, saints (such as St. Nicholas of Flue) and Doctors of the Church predict about the great apostasy

• the long-standing plans of Freemasonry, Judaism, and Communism to infiltrate and subvert the Church

• historical precedents in Biblical times, in the Arian and Nestorian crises, in the Great Western Schism, in the English "Reformation," in 17th and 18th century Japan, and in other eras, each of them foreshadowing individual elements that have come together during the current crisis: antipopes on the throne of St. Peter, defections of whole hierarchies from their episcopal office due to heresy, massive apostasy on the part of lay people, lack of easy access by the remaining faithful to valid or lawful sacraments, etc.

• why Vatican II is another "robber council" like 17 others previously condemned by the Church

• the disturbing changes built into the New Mass and new sacraments (especially the new rite for the ordination of bishops) and their impact on the validity of these sacraments

• the errors of the new catechism and the immoralities of the new code of canon law

• the heretical beliefs of the usurpers John XXIII through Benedict XVI

and much, much more. I back everything up with citations from Sacred Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, papal bulls and pronouncements, the canons and decrees of ecumenical councils, canon law, etc.

Once attendees have heard the talk and asked questions during the Q & A session (which usually goes on much longer than the talk!), they can see through the counterfeit nature of the "Catholicism" that has invaded and taken over the dioceses and the local parishes. They can see that this pseudo-Catholicism is not the uncompromising Faith of our Fathers for which so many Catholics have shed their blood down through the years.

As a result, several have converted to the authentically Catholic position (what I call "consistent traditionalism," which I prefer to other current nicknames) at many of the locations I've spoken in. (I'd be happy to send you details and testimonials upon request.) This helps strengthen the true Church in these times of unprecedented crisis, and we need every member we can get!

But my Mega Tour is currently stalled because I've run out of funds. I spoke last month (May 2-5) in Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse NY. But I had to indefinitely postpone my scheduled appearances this month (June) in Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee because I literally had no money to travel there, and my credit cards are all practically full.

I still want to speak in these two cities as well as several cities in Alaska and Louisiana later this summer, do a huge tour of the twelve largest cities in Texas (where I have not spoke for about fifteen years), and speak in over two dozen additional strategic cities throughout the Midwest and Southeast during the fall of 2007. But I'm tapped out, and I can't even leave home until more funds come in.

Can you please help me? A one-time gift of only $100 from as few as ten people is all that's needed for me to fly into an area, rent a car to drive to several cities within the area, rent meeting space at a hotel in each city, give my talks, and fly back home. Could you prayerfully consider being one of these ten people I'm praying will respond today with a sacrificial gift of $100 or more?

But I'm praying that Our Lord might move you to become a monthly supporter by joining my new "50/50" support squad. I just turned 50 on Easter Sunday, April 8. Thanks be to God, I've got as much energy and stamina as ever. I'm still able to drive up to 10 to 12 hours a day - stopping only to refuel - give a talk and answer questions for hours that evening, catch 4 to 6 hours of sleep, and repeat the whole process the next day, speaking in another city, keeping up this pace day after day after day -- often for a two-week stretch of daily talks. And my goal is to be just as active in my second fifty years as during my first fifty. I don't plan on slowing down one bit!

To commemorate the milestone of my 50th birthday, and to fund my efforts for the next fifty (God willing) years, right now I'm looking for 50 people who are willing to donate only $50 each month - by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard - to keep my Mega Tour going. 50 faithful supporters times $50 each month equals only $2500 a month. That's all I need to make two trips each month. (And on each trip I usually speak in three or four cities within a day's drive of each other).

$2500 a month is a shoestring operating budget. That's only $30,000 a year. Compare that to the big name Novus Ordo apologists and apologetics organizations living high off the hog because they, individually, each rake in over a million dollars a year - all of it wasted singing the praises of Benedict XVI and the "New Springtime of the Church" they vainly claim we are now enjoying, and sending people to a counterfeit "Mass" and to counterfeit sacraments from the hands of counterfeit priests who cannot properly save these people's souls.

If you will let me know today that you wish to sign up as one of these 50 loyal monthly supporters, I can immediately start booking my next trip!

Should you wish to donate by credit card (only Visa or MasterCard, please: no American Express or Discover), you can e-mail me your credit card number and expiration date. No one opens my e-mail but me. (If you are reluctant to e-mail your credit card information for fear of it being intercepted online in transit, you could send part of the 16-digit card number in one e-mail, the remainder in a second e-mail, and the expiration date in a third.)

Or you can fax your credit card information to my private fax line at (570) 969-1725. No one sees my faxes but me.

Or you can call me at (570) 969-1724 and, if you don't get me "live," please leave your information on my voicemail. No one listens to my voicemail but me.

If you prefer to pay by check (made out to either "Gerry Matatics" or "Biblical Foundations International"), please mail it to me at PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512. No one opens my mail but me.

In other words, your credit card data, however you communicate it to me, is completely secure once it arrives here: I have no employees to look at my e-mail, listen to my voicemail, look at faxes or open my mail because I can't afford any employees, and therefore must do everything myself. And, in line with the strict policy I adopted ever since I started Biblical Foundations International 17 years ago, your name and address will never be shared with anyone: I don't sell, rent, give, or show my mailing list to anyone - ever - nor do I rent or buy lists from others.

Whichever way you prefer to respond - by e-mail, phone, fax, or letter - your help in keeping this vital evangelistic campaign moving forward is greatly appreciated. We are all obliged to bring as many people to heaven as possible during our sojourn here on earth, and this is one way you can not only help us but also help yourself to achieve that goal.

Those whose conversions and eventual salvation (please God) your generosity will make possible will certainly greet you warmly in heaven, where God's grace will certainly bring us if we cooperate faithfully with it. And my wife, our children (nine on earth, one in heaven), and I all remember the needs - both spiritual and temporal - of all of our donors and their loved ones in our daily family rosary.

Please help! I'm counting on you! And may God richly reward you for your assistance, both in this life and in the life to come.

Yours in the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts
for the conversion of America to the true Catholic Faith,

Gerry Matatics, Founder & President


Updated On: June 15th, 2007

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