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Christmas Greetings & Exciting News

Christmas Greetings & Exciting News

Dear Friends:

Once again we find ourselves in this glorious sacred season when we who are by God’s unmerited grace Christians joyously celebrate the Incarnation of God made Man: the Infinite becoming infant, the Invisible visible, the Intangible tangible, the Immortal mortal and the Impassible passible so that He might suffer for our sins.

As the awesomeness of this Event enfolds us, I wish to express my eternal gratitude, not only to the one true Triune God, but also to you, for making what I do possible by your encouragement, your prayers, and your support.

And what is it I do? I seek to proclaim, by any and all means open to me, the enduring and absolute truth of the Catholic Faith to every man, woman, and child, because I am utterly convinced that without that Faith human beings have no hope of real happiness in this life or in the next. Thank you for your partnership in this effort!
New CDs

This year has been one of unprecedented challenges and obstacles. Despite that, we have accomplished much, thanks be to God.

Our first achievement was the release in January of the 12-CD set entitled "Victory Through Virtue," based on the pre-Vatican II Redemptorist priest Fr. Donald F. Miller's comprehensive (40 double-column pages) Examination of Conscience for Adults. Containing 16 hours of instruction, housed in an attractive, compact, durable, 2-ring binder, the set sells for only $69.95 -- a savings of nearly $50 off the cost of buying each of the CDs separately at our usual, already-low price of $9.95 per 75 minute CD.

The individual CD titles are:
Exercise 1: Grow Your Faith
Exercise 2: Strengthen Your Hope
Exercise 3: Deepen Your Love for God
Exercise 4: Heighten Your Reverence for God
Exercise 5: Learn to Love Others, Part One: Avoiding Evil
Exercise 6: Learn to Love Others, Part Two: Doing Good
Exercise 7: Defend Justice
Exercise 8: Embrace Chastity
Exercise 9: Embody Temperance
Exercise 10: Master Obedience
Exercise 11: Cultivate Meekness
Exercise 12: Ground Your Humility

We have received rave reviews from virtually everyone who has purchased this set -- many lifelong “trads” have told me they’ve never experienced this level of spiritual direction in decades of interaction with traditional priests. Our first and greatest New Year’s resolution for 2014 should be to be far holier followers of Our Lord, and if you haven’t yet purchased this set, I urge you to do so: just go to our online store at If you have already acquired it, please consider purchasing a set for a loved one: it makes a great New Year's Day gift!

I have just recorded four new CDs which I’ll be automatically sending to everyone who has donated $100 or more during the past year:

1) A talk I gave in the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City areas this fall on "Antipope Francis, Agent of the New World Order"
2) A CD entitled “Why Catholics Must Pray For, but Not With, Non-Catholics” (according to authentic Church teaching)
3) A CD on “Unauthorized Shepherds: Why the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, and similar post-Vatican II traditionalist clergy are not priests of Christ’s Church”
4) A CD on “George Orwell’s Animal Farm,the first in a new series of CDs entitled “Catholic Commentaries on Classic Books.”

I’ll be adding these four new titles to my online store during the octave of Christmas.

I also did several more episodes of the ongoing "Plot Against the Church" series, in which I am interviewed by Judith Sharpe of As soon as we've recorded episodes 39 and 40 in January and February, the next 8-CD album, "The Plot Against the Church, Part 5" (episodes 33-40) will be available from our online store. A few of you who've prepaid or made donations of a particular size will receive this new 8-CD album automatically.

Here are our next projects in the CD production department:

1) a CD entitled “The Eucharistic Famine of the Last Days in Biblical and Catholic Prophecy”
2) a brand-new 21-CD study of the Gospel of John
3) a new 15-CD set on the deep Biblical truths concealed in each mystery of the rosary
4) my “Riding the Train of Truth” 25-CD apologetics course (finally!)
5) and several other new series and singles.

Speaking Engagements

I also took several speaking trips again this year (though, due to a dearth of funding, sadly not so many as in some previous years). I'm not going to list here every trip I took or talk I gave, but here are a few highlights:

a) two days of debates in Texas in July against fundamentalist author (and former Catholic) Mike Gendron, who runs a full-time anti-Catholic ministry, and whom I had originally challenged to debate me back in the 1990s: twenty years later, he finally agreed! (I am still waiting to receive a copy of the recording of this debate from the event’s organizers)

b) the aforementioned fall trips to the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City areas to speak on “[Antipope] Francis, Agent of the New World Order” 

c) meetings during the summer on a weekly basis with a group of well-educated Protestants (Bible college graduates) to study Dante’s Inferno together

d) meetings with two different Vatican II “priests” willing to hear and study my case against Vatican II (and against their actually being priests); and

e) various other evangelistic outreaches, too numerous to list here.

I also believe I am on the verge of being able to persuade the extremely bright, world-renowned head of an important conservative Catholic organization to embrace the “consistent Catholic” (i.e., anti-Vatican II, Francis-repudiating) position.

imitating Ezra, Abraham, Jonah, and Noah

To set my individual activities within a larger perspective, it seems to me that there are a number of crucial tasks in which we Catholics must be simultaneously engaged in order to fulfill our spiritual responsibilities before God. I’ve often referred to these tasks by the names of key Biblical characters.

1) First, we must be constantly teaching our fellow Catholics why God has chastised us during the past fifty-plus years by allowing the devastation of Vatican II. We do this by teaching Catholics their covenant obligations and how they have failed to keep them.

I call this “Project Ezra,” after the post-exilic Old Testament leader who wished by his systematic instruction of God’s people to ensure that such a devastation as the Babylonian Captivity never occurred again.

Though an unworthy nobody, I hope to provide such instruction through my new CDs, through new lecture trips I plan to take this coming spring (including a debate with Dr. Robert Sungenis in southern California on “Why Francis Is Not A True Catholic Pope”), through courses offered at my newly re-opened St. Jerome Study for those wishing to come, and especially through my new multimedia website, with its over thirty different blogs covering such diverse disciplines as Sacred Scripture, the Church Fathers, theology, apologetics, Church history, philosophy, economics, politics, spirituality, and much more, including not only essays but videos and audios.

2) Second, to buy ourselves more time in which to evangelize and then educate our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, fellow citizens, and indeed everyone on the planet before the world ends (which may not be far off, though I am no date-setting prophet), we must simultaneously be daily praying fervently that Almighty God will continue to hold back His hand of judgment from smiting our world.

I call this “Project Abraham,” based on the story in Genesis 18:16-33 in which Abraham intercedes on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah because he has loved ones living there.

3) Third, such warring prayer must be coupled with warning proclamation to our sinful society that it has limited days to repent before God unleashes His wrath upon it. I call this “Project Jonah,” after the Old Testament prophet who admonished the huge metropolis Nineveh (the New York City of its day), capital of the Assyrian empire.

4) And fourth and finally, recognizing that if earth’s inhabitants do not repent (as Nineveh’s fortunately did at Jonah’s preaching), God’s judgment will fall, we must also engage in “Project Noah” -- ensuring that our loved ones and as many others as we can reach get aboard and stay aboard the ark of the one true Church, outside of which there will be no salvation.

The Challenge Ahead

This year has been one of satisfying accomplishments, but also of stunning setbacks and unbelievable obstacles. I’ve previously written about some of them which I won’t annoy you by repeating here, but the one calculated to most handicap us from fulfilling in the future all the above-mentioned promising projects is the dramatic decline in donations we’ve witnessed over the past year (as have virtually all Catholic apostolates).

Our debt (incurred because we have kept moving forward with all these efforts, despite the downturn in funding from friends and supporters) is at an all-time high -- in fact a breaking point -- and I will not be able to accomplish any of the above unless our support increases.

If just 100 people reading this were to sacrificially send us an end-of-the-year Christmas donation of $100 or more before December 31, we could accomplish literally everything listed above in the space of two months. Otherwise, these projects will take much, much longer to complete. And many, sadly, will never see the light of day.

I am counting on you to help, if you can, even at great sacrifice (something with which my family and I are very familiar on a daily basis). Please either click on the “Make A Donation” button in the upper right-hand region of any page on this website to use PayPal, or call me at (570) 969-1724 to donate over the phone by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, or mail a check or money order (made out to either “Gerry Matatics” or “Biblical Foundations International”) to me at PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.

As I stated above, during the octave of Christmas I will be mailing some new CDs to those of you who've already donated $100 or more this year. And I’d love to send you many more in the days ahead.

As always, all our donors and all their loved ones, living and deceased, remain in our daily rosaries, novenas, and other prayers. May the blessings of Christmas be with you and yours, now and always, and may Almighty God grant you abundant health, hope, happiness, holiness, and supernatural joy throughout the coming year.

Your grateful servant in Christ our Incarnate Savior
and Mary His generous-hearted Mother,
Gerry Matatics
Updated On: December 24th, 2013

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