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December 20th, 2014

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"With the exception of formal hatred against God, which constitutes the  deadliest of all sins and of which the creature is rarely culpable -- unless he  be in Hell -- the gravest of all sins are those against faith. The reason is evident. Faith is the foundation of the supernatural order, and sin is sin insofar as it attacks this supernatural order at one or another point; hence that is the greatest sin which attacks this order at its very foundations...  Hence, heretical doctrines -- and works inspired by them -- constitute the greatest of all sins, with the exception of formal hatred of God, of which only the demons in Hell and the damned are capable. Liberalism, then, which is heresy, and all the works of Liberalisn, which are heretical works, are the  gravest sins known in the code of the Christian law."
(Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany, Liberalism is a Sin, Rockford IL: TAN,  p. 19; emphasis in the original. This work, at the time of its  publication in 1899, was given the highest praise and endorsement by the Holy  Office.)
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We at Biblical Foundations International believe that we cannot possibly possess the spiritual discernment to adequately assess the crisis of our times unless we are obedient to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima, and of so many popes and doctors of the Church, to devoutly pray the Rosary -- at the very least, five mysteries of the Rosary daily, and all fifteen mysteries, if you can.

In addition to whatever other intentions you mention, please pray specifically that God will show you the truth regarding the full extent of the current apostasy, and that He will give you the grace to conform to that truth, whatever sacrifice is entailed.

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New CDs arrive in store; what the future holds


Dear Friends,

I thought I was insanely busy during July. But August is proving to be twice as jam-packed and challenging!

Just before I left on my July 31-August 4 speaking trip to Chattanooga TN and Georgia I recorded and released two new CDs. One is entitled “Two Bishops and a Boomerang: How sedevacantist bishop Donald Sanborn’s devastasting critique of ex-SSPX bishop Richard Williamson inadvertently invalidates his own sacerdotal legitimacy."

Ex-SSPX “bishop” Richard Williamson (and the SSPX, and all non-sedevacantist traditionalists) reject the "sedevacantist" conclusion. This is the conclusion that the current crisis in Catholicism can only be adequately accounted for by recognizing that John XXIII (1958-1963) and all subsequent occupants of the papacy, up to and including the current occupant, Francis, because they teach heresy, cannot legally hold title to the see of Peter, though they physically occupy it as usurpers; the "see" is thus legally "vacant."


Williamson and the SSPX reject this sedevacantist conclusion because they hold the erroneous belief that the Church is only infallibile in her extraordinary magisterium, that relatively rare exercise of her teaching office that occurs only when dogmas are defined at ecumenical councils or by popes in solemn definitions.


According to this erroneous belief, the Church is not infallible in her ordinary magisterium -- that is, in the exercise of her teaching office expressed in, for example, ordinary papal encyclicals, or the decrees issued by the supposedly merely "pastoral" (and therefore, according to this belief, non-dogmatic) Second Vatican Council. As Vatican II and its aftermath only invoke the ordinary magisterium, the Vatican II church and the Vatican II popes can thus teach doctrinal error and still be the true Church and true popes, according to this erroneous theory.

Donald Sanborn is another ex-SSPX cleric, who is now an independent Thuc-line sedevacantist bishop, and for whose intelligence and erudition I have a great respect, as I do for many of his clerical confreres, who, along with him, make up those I regretfully but honestly believe to be (whether sedevacantist or non-sedevacantist) the "unauthorized shepherds" of "the Catholic (sic) traditionalist movement."(See my "Unauthorized Shepherds" CD, available for $10.95 from our online store, for the relevant argumentation.)


In an article that my new "Two Bishops and a Boomerang" CD analyzes and comments upon, Bishop Sanborn brilliantly proves that this denial of the Church’s ordinary infallibility is in fact a heretical innovation hatched by SSPX founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, one taught to all SSPX seminarians (including Williamson and Sanborn, as well as Frs. Cekada, Dolan, Kelly, Collins, Zapp, et al).

But if (as Sanborn proves) the SSPX taught heresy from its inception, then the SSPX was never a part of the Catholic Church, since the Church cannot teach heresy (the latter being a point that Sanborn himself repeatedly stresses).


The unwelcome (to him) but inescapable conclusion of Sanborn’s own argumentation and documentation is that neither he nor any other ex-SSPX cleric was ever ordained in the real Catholic Church, therefore, but only in a heretical sect. And no such sectarian cleric ever becomes a priest or bishop of the Catholic Church merely becauses he wishes to be accounted so -- even if he becomes more doctrinally consistent by becoming "sedevacantist" in his theology! This is a devastating but unavoidable consequence for all such unauthorized clergy.

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Date Added: Wednesday, August 13 2014

Gerry Replies

Is Gerry Matatics a ''sedevacantist''?

Gerry Replies (slightly revised November 21, 2007):

I'm a Catholic, pure and simple (though hopefuly not too simple) -- and have been, ever since my conversion from Protestantism 21 years ago, by a miracle of God's grace. I love the Catholic Faith and wish only to profess it in all its purity and fullness. I love the Catholic Church and wish only and always to be a faithful member of Her, since She has repeatedly and solemnly defined as a dogma that there is no salvation outside of her.

Every Catholic -- however he or she might prefer to be positive in his presentation of the Faith -- must necessarily oppose and reject all those persons and things that are incompatible with Catholicism.

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Date Added: Tuesday, December 12 2006

guest writers

A Commentary on Rome's Lifting of the SSPX "Excommunications" of 1988

[Note from Gerry Matatics: I do not necessarily agree with every opinion of this guest writer (a friend of mine) -- I do not share, for example, his certitude on the validity of the SSPX bishops' consecration (expressed in his closing sentence), nor do I agree with him on other matters not touched upon in his essay -- but his essay essentially says what I've been saying when asked what I think of the recent  developments between Rome and the SSPX, and he has kindly granted permission for his essay to be reproduced here "as is." I shall have my own essay on the SSPX posted on my website later this month.]

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Date Added: Tuesday, February 17 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe (feast day December 12)

The Story

"And the land was polluted with blood," by idolaters who sacrificed their sons and daughters to devils (Psalm 105:38). Such was Mexico when Hernando Cortes arrived there in 1519. Some ten million native Nahuatl Indians formed a vast confederation of tribes at this time. These tribes were dominated by the powerful Aztecs who, for all their intelligence, industry, and valor, were equally barbaric, enslaved by an extravagant system of idolatry which placated its numerous gods with gruesome orgies of human sacrifice and cannibalism. For centuries torrents of blood literally flowed from the temple pyramids, with as many as 20,000 humans being sacrificed in one day.

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Date Added: Tuesday, December 12 2006

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"I have read many of your articles, and as far as I am concerned, you are top shelf. You would be surprised at the hundreds of thousands that think the same as you. Please hold your head up high and stick to what you believe. Our Lord will not leave you an orphan, as He stated. You have many friends: just ask them."

An old lady that loves the True Faith,

J.M., Hastings NY

Pictures from Gerry's Recent Travels

Statue of Our Lady of La Salette, at the site of her (Church- approved) apparition on September 19, 1846, in the French Alps. On that occasion the Blessed Virgin announced, weeping, that "in the last days, Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... the Church will be in eclipse." Our apostolate is dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette and to spreading her much-opposed message.

Photo taken by Christina Matatics on the occasion of a pilgrimage of Gerry and daughter Christina to the La Salette shrine on 9/11/05