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Why Catholics Must Pray FOR, But May Not Pray WITH, Non-Catholics (single CD)

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Explains a vital distinction that is all too often ignored in the confused climate caused by contemporary ecumenism. There are two distinct teachings of classic Catholicism: 1) First, Catholics must demonstrate courtesy, kindness, and supernatural charity toward all non-Catholics, especially our non-Catholic loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc. This includes praying for them to discover the joys of the Catholic Faith and to embrace that Faith, since it is a defined dogma of that Faith (though politically incorrect in today's indifferentist atmosphere) that outside the Catholic Faith and outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. This dogma ("extra ecclesiam nulla salus") is explained and defended in the first half of this CD. 2) Secondly, for this very reason, Catholics MAY not and MUST not pray with non-Catholics, lest they give them the false impression that they are already in the same Church. According to the teaching of Sacred Scripture and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, only those in the same spiritual family, the same supernatural society, can participate in the spiritual communion of prayer. To abstain from such intercommunion until we are both aboard the same Ark is therefore an expression of profoundest love for non-Catholics, and to mislead non-Catholics by praying with them is in fact not a loving but a most unloving act which undermines our efforts for their eventual salvation. Several examples of obedience to this doctrine are given from the early Church and also from the lives of the Catholic recusants and martyrs during the English "Reformation." Hear how Pope Clement VIII confirmed to Cardinal Allen that such joint prayer between Catholics and non-Catholics is a mortal sin against the virtue of Faith and against the First Commandment and isabsolutely forbidden by immutable divine law, which even a pope cannot modify. As a bonus, the CD also explains how this provides yet another incontestable proof that the Vatican II "church," which encourages such interfaith prayer, cannot possibly be the true Catholic Church, since Christ's true Spouse can never officially promote a mortally sinful action. Powerful and controversial! $10.95

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