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2 Bishops and a Boomerang: How sedevacantist bishop Donald Sanborn's devastating critique of ex-SSPX bishop Richard Williamson inadvertently subverts Sanborn's own legitimacy

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Just released in August 2014! Ex-SSPX “bishop” Richard Williamson (and the SSPX, and all non-sedevacantist traditionalists) reject the sedevacantist conclusion because they teach that the Church is not infallible in her ordinary magisterium, which is all that is involved (according to them) in Vatican II and its aftermath; the Vatican II church and the Vatican II popes can thus teach doctrinal error and still be the true Church and true popes, according to this theory. Donald Sanborn, another ex-SSPX cleric who is now an independent Thuc-line sedevacantist bishop, brilliantly proves that this denial of the Church’s ordinary infallibility is in fact a heretical innovation of SSPX founder Archbishop Lefebvre, one taught to all SSPX seminarians (including Williamson and Sanborn, as well as Frs. Cekada, Dolan, Kelly, Collins, Zapp, et al). But if (as Sanborn proves) the SSPX taught heresy from its inception, then it was never a part of the Catholic Church, which cannot teach heresy (as Sanborn himself stresses). The unwelcome but inescapable conclusion of Sanborn’s own argumentation and documentation is that neither he nor any other ex-SSPX cleric, even if validly ordained, was ever ordained IN THE REAL CATHOLIC CHURCH, therefore, but only in a heretical sect, and no such cleric, even if validly ordained, becomes a priest or bishop of the CATHOLIC Church merely by becoming sedevacantist. Devastating for all such clergy!

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