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Apology for Friday's technical difficulties; Rosary series re-launches Sunday, Mar 12, 8:30 pm Eastern

Apology for Friday's technical difficulties; Rosary series re-launches Sunday, Mar 12, 8:30 pm Eastern

Please accept my apologies for the technical difficulties we experienced last night (Fri, Mar 10) during the 8:30 pm broadcast of my first talk in the series on “The Biblical Foundations of the Rosary.”
Up until this week I had been doing my Facebook Live broadcasts from my bedroom, which is only one room away from the second floor hallway where our WiFi router is located.
But some much-appreciated high-end recording equipment was donated and hand-delivered to me this past Tuesday by a friend from NJ, and there wasn't enough room in my already-cramped bedroom for the new setup: the space needed for the boom microphone and the tripod it’s mounted on required setting up a mini recording studio in a corner of my St. Jerome Study Center library, located in my basement, two entire floors away from the wireless router.
Although Wednesday’s broadcast on “Speaking the Truth with Love about Homosexuality” suffered no Internet connection difficulties, such was not the case last night, as those watching live can attest.
Because the Internet connection was at about 50% strength (perhaps due to the several-inch snowstorm we’d had during the day), the broadcast transmission kept being dropped and then reconnecting, often several times a minute. This not only cut off many of my words but was a source of frustration and distraction to me as well, interrupting the flow of my thought and delivery.
Though today’s schedule was already horrendously over-busy, I managed to find the time just now to watch the recording of yesterday’s broadcast to see how salvageable it might be. Unfortunately, with its many interruptions and omissions, it’s virtually unusable, and so I’ve taken it down from my Facebook page.
I have acquired and installed a WiFi network range extender and will finish configuring and testing it tonight it so that my Internet connection will reach the basement at full strength, and this should prevent this problem from occurring in the future.
We will be ready to re-launch the rosary series by re-broadcasting the premiere episode — on the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) — tomorrow night (Sun, March 12) at our regular 8:30 pm time (i.e., there will be no broadcast tonight). See you then.
Here's the link to my public figure Facebook page, if you need it or wish to forward it to any interested family or friends:
God bless, Gerry Matatics 
Updated On: March 11th, 2017

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